List of CLsm.jpg Resources, Lessons, and Ideas

How-to Resources and Information
EUSD Comic Life Information
Review of Comic Life Deluxe on
Macenstein Comic Life Review
Comic Life "Quick Tutorial
How-to Comic Life Brochure How to Create Comic Life Thumbnails
Instructional Technology Wenatchee School District Comic Life Resources
Create your own Comic with Comic Life
Ginny's Gems Comic Life Tutorial
Comic Life Tutorial Videos
Macinstruct: How to use Comic Life
Comic Life: Tech Connect - 35 minute webinar on using Comic Life to create comics

Lesson Plans
SDUSD Educational Technology Comic Life Lessons/Ideas
Education World Comic Lesson
Newspapers in Education Comic Lesson
Teacher Vision Comic Challenge Lesson
Read•Write•Think: Story Elements through Comics
Read•Write•Think: Using Comics to Teach Onomatopoeia
Read•Write•Think: Comics as Intro to Genre Study
Read•Write•Think: Comics as Intro to Narrative Structure
Read•Write•Think: Create a Homophone Comic
Read•Write•Think: Comics to Teach Vocab. and Critical Thinking
Comic Life in Education
Comic Life Lesson Plan from Digmo
Main Idea Lesson Plan
Comic Life Lesson Plans

More Project Examples
1st Grade Monster Projects
TESOL -- Class Projects with Comic Life
Elementary Student Comic Life Examples
How-to example from Wenatchee School District
Mr. Needleman's Examples
Mr. Leahy's Class American Revolution Vocabulary Cartoons
Mrs. Breza's Class Biographies
American Revolution Project
Gold Rush Project
Generation YES Comic Life Projects
Comic Relief for Math and Science
Marengo Story Comics
Shakespeare Comics
Photo Collages
Comic Life in the Workshop
Middle School Math example
Comic LIfe Rocks wiki
Smeech -- Comic Life Presentation (scroll down to 'Curriculum')
YouTube video on Personal Learning Networks created with Comic Life and iMovie
Curriculum Samples from Linda Oakes NECC presentation
How-to Sheet on Downloading YouTube videos

USA Today: Teachers are Getting Graphic
Comics for Learning (Savvy Technologist blog post)
Education World: Eek! Comics in the Classroom
Comic Relief: Math Ideas
Comic Relief: Science Ideas
MFLE: Cartoons
Comic Life Examples on Flickr
Blog post on the value of using Comic Life in schools